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Barcode+ for iPhone and iPad

App Description:

Barcode+ is an All-in-One barcode and QR code scanner and generator. it brings four major functions to you. 1. Help you find right product at right price. 2. scan all kinds of barcode and QR code. 3. generate QR code. 4. bring your all barcode membership card (Safeway, Costco, Ikea, Lego,Sephora,Coupon,etc… ) into one place. 


Barcode & QR Code Scanner Features:

Fast Barcode & QR code scan using any orientations.

Support all UPC, EAN, QR formats, and ISBN

Search prices and product details from Amazon, online and local stores.

Local retailer search for price, locations, directions, phone numbers and inventory status

multiple scan option while scanning.

LED light on automatically in dark place while scanning

Support pinch to zoom and tap to focus while scanning

Vibrate to let you know scan succeed

Scan through picking from photo.

Directly type product keyword instead of scanning

Be able to export and share

Share product links by email

Support iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


Barcode & QR Code Generator Features:

Generator QR Codes which encoded texts, URLs, YouTube video, Twitter, Facebook, App for Appstore, App for Google Play,Email, Messages, and Map locations. 

Bring your all kinds of barcode membership card into one place through "Scan my cards'. E.g. Safeway, Costco, Ikea, Lego,Sephora,Coupon,etc...

Double click on QR code to verify it is correct.

Be able to export and share

Support iPhone, iPod touch and iPad


There are two versions for this App, Free version is supported by iAd. 

Free feel to contact us through in-App setting. 

 Free Version:

Paid Version: